Welcome to MonoZone Online!

MonoZone Online is the result of a challenge I issued to myself to build and maintain a website entirely on mobile devices.

This challenge was forced on me when my former MonoZone website lost all contact with planet earth and slipped away to retirement somewhere in cyberspace. I suppose I could have tried harder to retrieve it but it seemed kinder, both to it and to myself, to let it be. I know I wouldn’t like anyone to attempt to prise me out of my retirement! Perish the thought!

So now I have a new (cool) web address Monozone.Online and am trying out WordPress hosting for this PhotoBlog as my self-hosted monochrome site has now gone for ever.

Many of the images on MonoZone Online are taken on an iPhone and post-processed on the phone or on an iPad and come under the heading of iPHONEOGRAPHY in the menu.

I do use “grown up cameras” too. My favourite is my trusty Fuji x100s, but I also use a Fuji x-Pro 1 and sometimes a Canon 7D.   I shoot in colour and convert into black-and-white using Nik’s Silver Efex Pro in Photoshop.

I think that’s enough words…..

……don’t walk away….


…….please come back……

……..and we’ll get on with the show.

To visit my PhotoBlog please click on the icon below:


HelenBushe Oct 2017