Vintage Driver, car, Haworth, transport

Vintage Car, Vintage Driver.

A Perfect Pairing.

I spotted this wonderful combination of vintage car with vintage driver rattling along the cobbled main street of the Yorkshire village of Haworth.

Vintage Car, driver, Haworth, Yorkshire
Vintage Car ©HelenBushe

Home of the famous Brontë sisters, Haworth is an undisputed literary mecca, attracting visitors from all around the world. With its historic cobbled Main Street, iconic parsonage and rolling moors, the picturesque proportions of this Airedale village exude a vintage charm that makes you feel you’ve stepped into another era. –Wiki

Yes, this is definitely from another era.

Vintage Driver, car, Haworth, transport
Vintage Driver ©HelenBushe


Cee’s Black & White Challenge this week is : “Objects or People Older than 50 Years”.  I could just have posted a selfie! But didn’t.

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