Lounge at Midland Hotel Morecambe

Empty Chairs: Part 1

Do come in and have a seat!

There’s plenty  of room for you in Cee’s Black & White Challenge this week: “Any Kind of Seating”

You can enjoy a sea view from your armchair in the lounge of this art deco-style hotel:

Lounge at Midland Hotel Morecambe
Empty Chairs ©Helen Bushe


Or take a break from sightseeing in this cool courtyard in Barcelona:

EMPTY chairs in Barcelona courtyard
Courtyard in Barca ©HelenBushe


You can slake your thirst with a cool beer here:

Empty Chairs 5
Country Pub ©HelenBushe


Or enjoy  mountain scenery without any climbing:

Mountain Scenery ©HelenBushe


Here’s an ideal spot for contemplation in this corner of a monastery garden:

In a Monastery Garden ©Helenbushe


But whatever you do, DO NOT SIT on this old leather chair.   You have been warned:

antique empty leather chair
Standing Room Only ©HelenBushe


I must have hundreds of pictures of empty chairs (almost as many as I have of doors!). I don’t know why I’m so drawn to them.  Perhaps it’s because they always look so inviting when we’re plodding around sightseeing.

Is there such a thing as a “Chairophile”?   Yes, there must be.  And I am one. Are there any more out there???????????


To see many different interpretations on the theme of seating from bloggers around the world, click on the icon below:

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