Fuji xPro1: 18mm lens.

I’ve neglected  my Fuji xPro1 camera and its selection of lenses for so long that I’d all but forgotten how to use it.

This week I went out and about with the xPro and 18mm lens.

It wasn’t the grey and drizzly weather coupled with poor light that prevented me coming home with a good selection of images to work on………

…………oh no!  It was the fact that for most of the day I had the camera set (unknowingly) to manual focus instead of auto.  I’d completely forgotten about that little lever tucked away on the front almost hidden by the leather case.

And what a lot of settings I changed trying to get the darned camera to focus. How I longed to hear that reassuring bleep and see the focus-point  turn green for GO.

And as for macro!  Well we won’t even go there. I thought then that the  camera must be broken.

I also thought my eyesight had deteriorated dramatically as the diopter had accidentally been turned to the worst possible setting for my vision.

Here are two images where the point of focus happily coincided with the settings on the camera:

Figure on a Bridge ©HelenBushe


Forever? ©HelenBushe


And one taken the following day, when the camera settings were ok but the weather was worse:

Capstan and Chains ©HelenBushe          

I’ve downloaded the manual for the xPro1 now.

Perhaps I’ll read it sometime!

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