monochrome, music

Music in Monochrome.

From a medieval music score to a busker in Barcelona to a Victorian Opera House…….

……….are all here in my submission this week for Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Anything related to Music.

First up is a medieval music score displayed in a glass case in Palma Cathedral:

monochrome, music
Medieval Music ©HelenBushe

Perhaps these old tunes could be sung in Buxton’s Opera House……

monochrome, Buxton, music
Buxton Opera House ©HelenBushe

……or strummed on one of these lutes in a shop which specialises in traditional musical instruments…

lutes, music, monochrome
Two Lutes ©HelenBushe

……..but they’re most likely not in the repertoire of this street entertainer in Barcelona……

barcelona, busker, singer, monochrome
Barca Busker ©HelenBushe

whilst this old piano has probably played everything in its time…..

monochrome, music,
An Old Piano ©HelenBushe

That’s my take on Anything Related to Music.

Why not head over to CB&W  to see how others have interpreted this week’s challenge.

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