Parc Güellstairs by Gaudi in Barcelona

iPhoneography: Steps and Stairs in Squares.

Steps and Stairs in Barcelona taken on iPhone and presented in Square Format.

escalator to Parc Güel lin Barcelona
Moving Stairs in Squares ©HelenBushe


Parc Güellstairs by Gaudi in Barcelona
Parc Güell Stairs in Squares ©HelenBushe


marble stairs in Barcelona
Marble Stairs in Squares©HelenBushe


Wooden stairs in Gaudi building/
Stairs in Squares by Gaudi ©HelenBushe


wooden stairs in square format monochrome
Wooden Stairs in Squares ©HelenBushe


Cathedral Stairs in Squares
Church Stairs in Squares ©HelenBushe

To see more iPhoneography in square format (and in glorious Technicolor), you might like to stop by my other photoblog PHOTOPHILE: Pairs in Squares.

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