iPhoneography Expressions monochrome street

iPhoneography: Expressions in the Street

It’s often easier to capture expressions of strangers in the street by using a phone instead of a camera.

All these pictures were snapped on my iPhone and processed using the Snapseed App.

I’ve gone for a grungy, grainy look to reflect the fact that these are spontaneous street-shots of a few people whose expressions caught my eye in Barcelona.

iPhoneography Expressions monochrome street
iPhoneography Expressions ©HelenBushe

The first one (above) was taken looking out into the street through the window of a pastry shop in the Gothic Quarter.

The lady on the left produced a lollipop from her bag and said something about it.

She put that away and pulled out another one and said a few words.

Finally she  produced this third lollipop and had plenty to say!  I was intrigued.


I liked these expressions too:

A mother and son in the airport communicating in the modern way, though not with one another:

iPhoneography Expressions monochrome street
iPhoneography Expressions ©HelenBushe


A shopper wondering at last autumn’s design fad for putting paper bags on display models:

iPhoneography Expressions ©HelenBushe monochrome street
iPhoneography Expressions ©HelenBushe


A girl and her dog leaving a bar when she hears a friend calling her name:

iPhoneography Expressions ©HelenBushe
iPhoneography Expressions ©HelenBushe


I cant resist adding this one. Who knows what expressions hidden underneath?

(Probably a fairly bland one as its a mannekin):

iPhoneography Expressionsstreet monochrome photography
iPhoneography Expressions ©HelenBushe


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2 thoughts on “iPhoneography: Expressions in the Street

  1. Very cool. There’s a book called Shooting From The Hip might find interesting. Its about Award-winning photojournalist Scott Strazzante uses an iPhone and the Hipstamatic app to capture the whimsy and irony, struggle and strength of everyday America.

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