A 16th Century Balcony.

Swarthmoor Hall is an Elizabethan manor house on the Southern edge of the Lake District. It was built around 1586. It is of great importance to the Society of Friends, the Quakers, as it was here that George Fox dictated his “journal”.

It is known as “The Cradle of Quakerism” and is today owned by the Society of Friends.

It is open to the public for day visits and also operates as a residential centre for courses.

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend here recently.

Swarthmoor Hall Front ©HelenBushe

George Fox is said to have preached from this balcony to a crowd below in the garden:

Swarthmoor Hall Balcony ©HelenBushe
Swarthmoor Hall Side View ©HelenBushe

It was a real privilege to stay here.

This post was inspired by Friendly Friday: Balconies

One thought on “A 16th Century Balcony.

  1. Wow. What was it like staying in a building like that? Is inside just as intriguing as outside? It looks so Gothic like and so very old. I can’t even begin to imagine those days. from that era so long gone!

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