“Go to Work on an Egg”


Table-top Photography 1.

A good number of years ago, we were bombarded with the slogan “Go to Work on an Egg”.

It was on TV, on advertisement hoardings, on the sides of buses, in newspapers, everywhere. Have an egg for breakfast. It’ll do you good.

Then it was decided by nutritionists that “Eggs are Bad for us” due to cholesterol.

Since then that advice has been reversed and now we can once again “Go to Work on an Egg”………. just so long as we don’t do it too often!

Due to Covid-19 lockdown, I’ve been doing some table-top photography. What better time to balance an egg on a couple of forks:

Egg Symmetry ©HelenBushe
Balancing Act ©HelenBushe
Defying Gravity ©HelenBushe

All images ©HelenBushe

Taken with Fuji XT-3, Fuji 80mm XF Macro lens, daylight.

ISO 500, f22, 1/9sec.

I’ve revisited Cee’s Black & White Challenges for this as we’re in lockdown (along with the rest of the world) and I’m experimenting with table-top photograph.

CB&W Challenge: Things Found in a Kitchen

Stay Safe at Home Everyone!

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