Little Lambs have Short Coats and Short Legs.

During the period of very necessary lockdown and now restricted movement, we’ve taken a lot of walks from the house along village lanes. Living in the countryside there is always something new to see; things changing by the hour, by the day, the month or the season.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve spent more time eyeballing sheep and their lambs than I normally would. One thing about the current restrictions has meant I’ve really looked at a lot of things close to home that I’d only have glanced at before, or glimpsed when driving past. Like these lambs with their mothers:

Ewe with Lamb ©HelenBushe
Lamb in Field ©HelenBushe
Ewes and Lambs ©HelenBushe

This post was prompted by Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Things that are Short.

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