A Beekeeper’s Perspective

The BeeKeepers of Kew Gardens.

BeeKeepers 1 ©HelenBushe
BeeKeepers 2 ©HelenBushe
BeeKeepers 3 ©HelenBushe
BeeKeepers 4 ©HelenBushe

All images ©HelenBushe

Taken in 2009 at Kew Gardens in London, using a Canon Powershot Sx200IS.

Processed using LUMINAR4

This post was inspired by BeckyB’s Squares Challenge: Square Perspective.

9 thoughts on “A Beekeeper’s Perspective

  1. Fabulous gallery of perspectives, so many perspectives from your photos, what they are thinking, the different sides of the frames and of course most importantly the bees!

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    1. Thanks Becky. It was fascinating to watch them going about their business. There was such a calmness and gracefulness to the whole scene, for all that there were so many busy bees buzzing around

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