Half-Circles, Arches and Domes

I noticed that I have 3,764 pictures on my iPhone of Barcelona, taken over three years.

With no trips planned there (or anywhere else) for the foreseeable future, I’ve enjoyed scrolling through them and imagining I’m walking around the city.

I’ve picked a few at random for Cee’s Challenge this week: Half-circles, Arches and Domes.

  1. The Gothic majesty of the Cathedral roof:
Cathedral Arches ©HelenBushe

2. The clean Modernist lines in the roof space of Gaudi’s Casa Batlló:

Arches Casa Batlló ©HelenBushe

3. The rental bikes for tourists who are braver than me:

Viu Bicing ©HelenBushe

4. A typical street in the Gothic Quarter:

Archway in Barca ©HelenBushe

All images ©HelenBushe

Taken with iPhone 6plus and iPhone 8plus, processed in LUMINAR4.

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