Wooden Ducks in a Window and other Curiosities.

A Stroll around the Villages of Great Eccleston and Churchtown.

With the necessary requirement to “stay local” during these strange times, we took a detour from the main road and explored the villages of Churchtown and Great Eccleston.

One positive aspect of the current restrictions is that we are enjoying discovering places close to home.

Cottage with Sunflowers ©HelenBushe
Bicycle against a Wall ©HelenBushe
Outside the Ironmongers ©HelenBushe
Inside the Ironmongers ©HelenBushe
Duck in Window ©HelenBushe
Jars in a Window ©HelenBushe
Teazles in the Churchyard ©HelenBushe

All images taken with iPhone 8Plus and processed using LUMINAR4

All images ©HelenBushe

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