CB&W: Two Calves and a Donkey.

On recent socially-distanced, local, lockdown walks, I have got to know a few inhabitants of our village I’ve never spoken to at length before.

Yesterday, down the lane, I had a “chat” with these two calves. I conversed in my language and they replied in theirs!

I won’t tell you who got the last word, but it was “MOO”.

Curious and Curiouser ©HelenBushe

It’s always good to see the donkey family. The baby, born earlier this year, is called Boris. This is his older sibling whose name I have forgotten:

Little Donkey ©HelenBushe

I do meet humans too, but generally I don’t photograph them. And anyway, under current restrictions, we can’t get “CLOSE UP”.

This post was inspired by Cee, whose Black & White Challenge this week is: CLOSE UPS.

Images ©HelenBushe.

Taken with iPhone 8Plus and edited on iPad using Lightroom.

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