Welcome to MonoZone.Online.

I’m a keen amateur photographer living in NW England.

MonoZone.Online is the result of a challenge I issued to myself in 2017 to build a website entirely on mobile devices. I succeeded….just.  Once I’d set up the bare bones of the site on iPhone and iPad, I was glad to get back to using laptop for all future work on it.

I use Fuji mirrorless cameras, XT-30 and XT-3, and often iPhone.

I shoot in colour and post-process to monochrome using Lightroom or LUMINAR4.

If you like Monochrome as much as I do, I hope you feel you’ve landed on the right site.

Leave me a link in any comments section and I’ll visit your blog.

To visit my regularly updated MonoZone.Online PhotoBlog  please click on the icon below:

My colour images appear on my other website PHOTOPHILE. If glorious Technocolor is more to your liking please pay me a visit there.

Helen Bushe (updated 5th December) 2020.