It takes two or three or more….

The brief for this challenge was to find seats which take more than one. In the case of the London Eye, I’ve no idea how many brave folk can sit beside each other in the little cabins. I’ve never queued up for a ride. I wouldn’t imagine that anyone sits by themselves; they’d have no one beside them whose arm they could grip at “lift … Continue reading It takes two or three or more….

Sheepdog in Charge ©HelenBushe

Down on the Farm.

Sheep-Farming in Borrowdale, September 2020. These images were taken on our last trip to Borrowdale in England’s Lake District. Going there on a warm and sunny day shows the rural idyll at its finest. However, this part of England experiences the harshest of winters and both farmers and animals have to be very hardy to survive. Herdwick sheep are a strong and robust breed and … Continue reading Down on the Farm.

The Bishop’s Best Shoes and other Footwear.

These shoes were displayed in a glass case alongside a Bishop’s lace under-gown in the museum of Ciutadella Cathedral. They are made of silk and are hand-embroidered. He seems to have had small feet. I found more up-to-date footwear in an independent shop in the Yorkshire village of Hebden Bridge: I wonder if the owner of this well-used walking boot ever came back to Borrowdale … Continue reading The Bishop’s Best Shoes and other Footwear.