The Bishop’s Best Shoes and other Footwear.

These shoes were displayed in a glass case alongside a Bishop’s lace under-gown in the museum of Ciutadella Cathedral. They are made of silk and are hand-embroidered. He seems to have had small feet. I found more up-to-date footwear in an independent shop in the Yorkshire village of Hebden Bridge: I wonder if the owner of this well-used walking boot ever came back to Borrowdale … Continue reading The Bishop’s Best Shoes and other Footwear.


This light is typical of street-lighting in Lisbon: As is this in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter: Valetta still has some street lamps like these, especially close to its numerous churches: And this last one I took for (in colour) for the section on prayer and meditation on our new church website: This post was inspired by Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Lighting of Any Kind. Continue reading Lighting.