It takes two or three or more….

The brief for this challenge was to find seats which take more than one. In the case of the London Eye, I’ve no idea how many brave folk can sit beside each other in the little cabins. I’ve never queued up for a ride. I wouldn’t imagine that anyone sits by themselves; they’d have no one beside them whose arm they could grip at “lift … Continue reading It takes two or three or more….

Monochrome Cees Black & White Challenge CB&W Empty seating

Empty Seating.

Where would you like to sit?   At Ruskin’s View in Kirkby Lonsdale? :   In a  narrow street in Lisbon’s Alfama district? You’ll have to wait as they haven’t opened up yet :   Perhaps you’d like a beer at a country pub in the Lake District? …..   ………or maybe coffee and cake at the Wolfhouse Gallery Coffeeshop? :   There’s a couple … Continue reading Empty Seating.